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1. Jurisdictional and Legal Compliance:

It is essential for the purchaser to fully understand and comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. Before purchasing or using the Carkumm Plates, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to conduct due diligence and ensure the legality of the product in their specific area, country, or region.

2. Restrictions on Use:

The Carkumm Plates have been designed for specific use-case scenarios. Any use of the Carkumm Plates on public roads, highways, or any other public areas is strictly prohibited. Any deviation from this restriction may lead to legal consequences, for which the company is completely exempt from liability.

3. Purpose and Limitations of the Product:

While the primary objective of the Carkumm Plates is to enhance the privacy and security of your vehicle, users must understand that the product is not foolproof against all possible threats. The company does not guarantee that the Carkumm Plates will make your vehicle immune to theft, break-ins, vandalism, or any other unforeseen damages. The company expressly disclaims all responsibility for any damages, losses, or adverse events that may occur due to the usage of the product.

4. Responsible and Lawful Use:

By purchasing the Carkumm Plates, users inherently commit to using the product responsibly, ethically, and in accordance with the law. Any misuse, whether intentional or unintentional, places the responsibility and consequences solely on the user. The company shall not be held accountable for any repercussions resulting from product misuse.

5. Eligibility for Refunds:

– Pre-shipment Refunds: Customers are eligible for a full refund of the purchase price if the product has not been shipped and the order is canceled before dispatch. – Delayed Shipment Refunds: If the product has not been shipped within 3 business days after the promised shipping date, customers are eligible for a refund. This emphasizes our commitment to timely delivery and customer satisfaction. – Preorder Fees: Please note that any fees paid for preorders are non-refundable. By preordering, you acknowledge and agree that these fees are used for order preparation and processing and cannot be returned.

6. Acknowledgment and Binding Agreement:

As a user and purchaser, it is presumed that you have taken the time to thoroughly read, comprehend, and agree to these terms and conditions. Your purchase and use of the Carkumm Plates solidify this agreement. If there is any disagreement or uncertainty regarding these terms, we strongly advise against the purchase or use of our product.

7. Amendments and Updates:

The world and its laws are constantly changing, and as such, our terms and conditions may be subject to periodic modifications, additions, or subtractions. These changes can be implemented without prior notification to our user base. To ensure continued compliance and awareness, we recommend users periodically revisit and review our terms and conditions before using the Carkumm Plates.