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Hide your license plate, protect your privacy with
Carkumm Plates.

Introducing Carkumm Plates – the ultimate privacy solution. Our advanced plates hide your license plate, safeguarding your personal information. Contact our team for various size options. Get Carkumm Plates and protect your privacy.

High Quality

Carkumm Plates are capable of operating in various weather conditions, safeguarding both the privacy of your license plate and the integrity of its surface from potential scratches.

Fast Delivery

Our production time is generally within one week. However, there may be some variations based on the quantity of the order and the delivery address. You can contact us before placing an order to determine the final delivery time.

Best Warranty

Our warranty policy provides a 30-day coverage specifically for manufacturer defects. If any issues arise within this period due to manufacturing defects, we are more than happy to offer a replacement or repair.

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